Ministry Manifested

How we advance the Kingdom through Ministry

Through witnessing to unbelievers both in our community, regions in America and various nations around the world.

Evangelism :

  • Teaching
  • Preaching
  • Live Streaming
  • Community Vigil
  • Street Evangelism

Prayer :

  • Intercessory prayer vigils
  • Prayer walks
  • Community all night prayer
  • Prayer for deliverance and healing

Discipleship :

  • How to walk in the Spirit
  • Discovering your gifts and calling
  • The meaning of the Kingdom
  • The rudiments of prayer and fasting
  • The laws of the Kingdom

Leadership :

  • Leaders are made
  • Authority in leadership
  • Integrity in leadership
  • The various types of leadership

Therapeutic Ministries

Christocentric Counseling



Couple Preparing For Marriage

Adolescent & Children Ministries :

  • What is identity in Christ
  • Why we fear God
  • The purpose of life
  • Knowing God as the deepest desire
  • The Kingdom as a social reality
  • Why we honor authority
  • Why they are loved, valued & accepted
    in the Kingdom

Parenting Classes :

  • The role and function of parents
  • How to repair a broken home
  • Parenting as a legacy
  • How the obligation to home affects society

Kingdom Allegiance Ministries

Advancing The Social Order of The Kingdom